A team who is passionate about art, film, education and technology.

A multi-media studio based in the
Heart of Cape Town

Academic Content

Learning design, animation and online lectures at university level

Live Broadcast Events

Live events, online graduations, interviews and perfomances

Studio and Music

Onsite and offsite filming and audio mastering

About Images

A Refreshingly Unique Way of Storytelling

Although our passion is in film, our true appetite lies in capturing your vision, and turning it into an unforgettable experience - crafted together.

Everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to teach and someone to reach.

Our projects

Some of our Recent Work

We have a "can-do-anything" attitude and our deepest desires are the challenges others say no to.

React Creative Agency

Over 1000 students graduating online with 19 ceremonies

React Creative Agency

A YouTube Broadcast in our studio for Tsiba business school showcast talents, 2022 plans and fundraising

React Creative Agency

A Formula 1 themed celebration for completion of a course through Henley

A live YouTube broadcast with guest speakers in our studio and radio personalities online

Turn your concept into a compelling story.

Our Services

Studio Filming

Your vision, our green screen and creative team bringing you killer video content.

Online and Live Events

Set up equipment and manage technical production while keeping everyone online.

Motion and Graphic Design

Designing high-end 3D and 2D animations and graphics for your videos in record timing.

Out of Studio Content

Our crew will turn any space into a production environment capable of studio quality.

Voice Over

Need a Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough type voice? We got em.

Interviews and Podcasts

Turn listeners to audience by engaging with you on a deeper level via quality experiences.

The Squad

Meet our specialists

Steven Pieterse - Director and sound guy

Steven Pieterse was inspired to pursue a career in IT whilst working as a teacher for most of his life. He began writing software in an attempt to make education more accessible and relatable, using technology - Steven has a deep desire to save the world from itself through education and technology, all while hosting a radio show in his spare time.

Rysiu Moscicki - Thoughts and emotions

Hailing from creative agencies in Cape Town as a Graphic and Front-End dev, Rysiu has been involved in world-class bespoke projects and has a real passion for visual communication and storytelling. He believes learning is amplified through exciting and meaningful content, that touches the emotions of the audience, he is also known to drive everyone in this team to the brink of insanity (help).

Natasha Bester - Master of managing these maniacs

Natasha hails from marketing and consulting for the largest hotels in Africa. Her presence in this team is undeniably critical in our success, she maintains your expectations, makes you feel like you're in Fiji sipping a margarita out of a coconut, all while managing us maniacs.

Stephen Elliott - Film and production specialist

If you have been in a photo or video from any of South Africa's largest music festivals, chances are Stephen has captured it. From being born with a camera in his hands to working in creative agencies around Cape Town, there is no one more suited to define the quality of a Film production. (Dammit, please write a book already)

Christopher Lubbe - Tech Support and Talent liasor

Chris wanted to combine his passion for media with his ND in IT, this allows him to setup a live broadcast using a broken watch, an old potato and sim card from 2001, and if you thought that was impressive, you should see him make banana bread.

Kyle Giliam - Part cyborg part man

If you needed to stream YouTube on Mars and needed to select one person, this would be it. Kyle has passion for technology that knows no impossibility, he takes care of our internet connect, equipment and intricate problems. It's worth adding we pay him in Legos.

Kian Kalidheen - Motion graphical licence to kill

A video wouldn't be as magical without some animation, our artist Kian will bring some Walt Disney into your video, with a degree in design and laptop full of free space, your videos will be next level.

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